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Ph.D. (Veterinary Medicine)
Former Director Clinics cum Professor & Head
Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine and
Editor, Journal of Canine Development & Research
Veterinary College, Rajasthan University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, BIKANER (Rajasthan) - 334 001

Dr. Anil Ahuja was born on 16th September, 1956 in a well-educated family. His father Rai Sahib Shri S.P. Ahuja was a Chemical Engineer & an alumni of Delhi Technical College. His talent is the result of both dedication and hard work.

Dr.Ahuja obtained his B.V.Sc. & A.H. degree in 1978 and M.V.Sc. in Veterinary Medicine in 1982 from College of Veterinary & Animal Science, University of Udaipur. He obtained Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Rajasthan Agricultural University in 1999.

Thirty five years ago in 1981 Dr. Ahuja had started his professional carrier as a Canine & Feline Practitioner at Khan Market, New Delhi. In Sept 82 he has joined as a Research Associate in AICRP on buffaloes in M.L. Sukhadia University followed in1984 joined newly established KVK at Bikaner. He remained Assistant and Associate Professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics & Jurisprudence followed Professor in 2007, College of Veterinary and Animal Science, Bikaner (Rajasthan). On inception of Rajasthan University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences during May 2010 he joined as a head in the same department. Further Prof Ahuja on 1st January 2016 joined as Director Clinics in the RAJUVAS. He has unique blend of overall 34 years experience of all three activities of the University, i.e., teaching, research & extension. In 1995 he was the first teacher in the state's only veterinary college to impose concept of animal welfare activities among students by establishing Canine Welfare Society. He remained collaborative member of research scheme of Desert Medicine Resesarch Center of ICMR "Control of Sand Fly fauna & Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in the IGNPcommand area". He is the first in the world in 2011 who carried out successful treatment of canine cutaneous leishmaniasis using Radio Frequency Induced HeatTherapy (Rfh) & which is published in 2012 in an international journal .

He has achieved many awards & appreciations. He attained appreciation for Organizing dogs shows in 1994 by the Dean CVAS, Bikaner, ISHEER award - 1995, in the field of Veterinary & Animal Science conferred by the Indian Society of Health Environment Education & Research in 1996, Bhartiya Chikitsak Ratan award - 2004 for the excellence in the field of Veterinary Science and Animal Welfare activities conferred by the Economic Growth Society of India on the occasion of 18th National Seminar on individual achievement & national economic growth on 4th Nov. 2004 at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi, Certification of Appreciation presented by the Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture & A.H. Govt. of Rajasthan on the eve of Independence day 15th Aug. 2009 in the Karni Singh Stadium, Bikaner organized by local state administration for Research and Animal Welfare activities on specially related to zoonotic importance of Rabies & Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, Certification of appreciation presented by the Hon'ble VC, RAJUVAS on the eve of Independence day 15th Aug. 2011 for being excellent organizer of dog shows(14) in the Veterinary College Campus, Bikaner. In 2012 Awarded fellow of Indian Society of Advancement of Canine Practice on 9th Feb.2012 on inaugural function of International Canine Conference held at Lalgarh Palace Hotel, Bikaner & Certification of appreciation presented by Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor RAJUVAS on eve of 15th Aug. 2012 given for Organizing International Canine Congress on 9-11 Feb 2012 at Lalgarh Palace ,Bikaner as Organizing Secretary. In 2014 Awarded by Indian Society of Advancement of Canine Practice on 10-12 Feb 2014 at Patna on occasion of 11th convention of ISACP. This honor was given to Professor Ahuja for successfully organizing International Canine Conference as a Organizing Secretary in Lalgarh Palace Hotel, Bikaner in 9th-11th Feb 2012 under joint Collaboration of RAJUVAS & ISACP. This Honor was given by Maj. Gen Srikant Sharma, Vice Chancellor, LUVAS, Hisar and Dr Suresh S. Honnappagol, Animal Husbandry Commissioner, Ministry of Agricultural, Department of Animal Husbandery, Dairying &Fisheries New Delhi, Govt. Of India .Dr Ahuja was awarded by Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor RAJUVAS on eve of 15th Aug. 2014 & of 15th Aug. 2016 for presenting lead papers on Canine Cadiac Myopatchy & Ehrlechiosis in national conferences.

Dr.Ahuja guided 18 PG and 2 Ph.D. students. Presently 1 PG and 2 Ph.D. students are persuing their research work under guidance of Dr.Ahuja. Dr. Ahuja has published/presented more than 200 articles in national and international journals/seminars and attended more than 50 national/international conferences. He is the Editor of country's first journal "Journal of Canine Development & Research" an exclusive journal for Canine & Felines. Dr. Ahuja has been contributing to the advancement of canine practice in Rajasthan since 1986. He developed the state' s best canine exclusive outdoor with latest diagnostic facilities at college's teaching clinic of Medicine department. He is actively involved in the activities of Canine Welfare Society for the concerns of the street dogs in the city and state and organization of dog shows at campus regularly for educating students and awareness and motivation of dog owners/lovers. He organized more than 50 Rabies Awareness Camps by the help of students for the general public in the city. Dr. Ahuja regularly Celebrating World Zoonotic Day On 6th July & World Rabies Day On 28th September since 2009 in the college campus. He contributed in the field of canine research by doing independent and collaborative research viz. cutaneous leishmaniasis, skin affections, ascites, rickets, gastroenteritis, RL syndrome, canine distemper, CPV, clinico-therapeutic studies on leptospirosis & CRF,research on biomarkers of oxidative stress and therapeutic efficacy of antioxidants in donkeys in varying ambient temperatures are guideline for scientists of equines and metabolic diseases in goats . Research on canine cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac myopathy and cardiac biomarkers in dilated cardiac myopathy of dogs etc. are also published in various journals.

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